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Planning a wedding in Italy means opening yourself up to the emotion and excitement that every area of interest and every location in our country have to offer. It means embracing all the beautiful and unique elements that have always been a part of our traditions. In so doing, the art, the cuisine, the places, the clothing, and the warmth of the people all become the backdrop against which to set the story of the most moving – and without a doubt the truest – day of your life. Each couple’s story is a new one, where nothing is repeated, with the exception of the experience that enriches my expertise as a wedding planner. A wedding in Italy is an unforgettable event, because Italian Style is something to be proud of.


Each wedding is a unique occasion that must be custom created to fulfil the wishes of the bride and groom.


The planning, creativity, and experience needed to custom create a wedding designed to fulfil your wishes.

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From eighteenth-birthday parties to wedding anniversaries and baby showers! Many different events, all organised with care and professional planning.

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Magical, uncommon, or well-known tourist destinations in central Italy can all become unique backdrops for one-of-a-kind weddings and events.

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Creativity is what is needed, not an impossible budget.

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Style, joy and happiness, with a classic or informal tone

I listen to a couple’s dreams and translate them into an event built to fulfil their expectations, with numerous touches of creativity and added emotion. This is my heartfelt commitment, and it has allowed me to always offer results that please. For a wedding in “classic” or informal style – or even one that breaks with tradition – planning, creativity and organisation are essential elements for putting a smile on everyone’s face.

Reasons to choose Carla P.

I offer style and flexibility. Mine is the uncontested style of “Made in Italy”, in which excitement, tradition, art and expertise represent a vast palette with a wealth of surprising options and ideas. My flexibility lies in the various formats of service that I offer. Carla P. means comprehensive organisation, from designing to managing your entire event. However, on special request, Carla P. provides a valuable consultancy service for specific targeted needs.


  • Budget analysis
  • Selection of locations for religious or civil ceremonies
  • Flower design
  • Selection of locations for weddings and events
  • Food & catering
  • Cake design
  • Themes and decorations
  • Graphic design, photography and video
  • Internet sites for the bride and groom
  • Entertainment and recreation
  • Hospitality management
  • Hotel accommodations


Organisation and management

Attentive and comprehensive service to handle every aspect of your event. My personal experience, combined with a staff of excellence and carefully selected suppliers.

Comprehensive consulting

This service aims to provide couples with consulting services for the entirety of their event, which they will then manage on their own.

Partial consulting

Targeted consulting services on specific subjects are available for all those who feel the need to ask for a professional recommendation.

  • Thanks Carla for the organization and for the good impression ...

  • An own wedding as I had dreamed of and I thought unachievable


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Invitation to the “Gran Gala dell’Eleganza” in Guidonia (Rome)
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Invitation to the “Gran Gala dell’Eleganza” in Guidonia (Rome)

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